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We carry a large supply of the best material for dog lead and collar production. Waterproof. Durable. Stinkproof.

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Gentle + Strong

You shouldn't have to put up with cheaply made strapping that costs you time and money to maintain. Biothane coated straps withstand the toughest tasks and are easy to maintain.



Because of its construction, Biothane tack is much stronger than leather. It won't tear or crumble over time.



Biothane Tack comes in a rainbow of colors that never fade or grow dull. This product is easily cleaned with soap and water.



Just like leather, biothane tack is soft and pliable. Because of its unique coating it doesn't absorb smells like leather does, which means you never have to worry about unpleasant odors on your animal straps.

World's Toughest Straps

You need a strap that won't wear out, fade, or fall apart over time. BioThane straps are made so that they will not fade or show wear like leather. Just like leather, it is gentle and flexible, but is stink-proof and much easier to clean - all you need is soap and water.

Waist Belt Starter Kit

Waist Belt Starter Kit

Now Available!

Expand your business by making premium BioThane belts! The Waist Belt Starter Kit was designed to give you everything you need to start making belts. Be one of the first 100 Belt Kit buyers to receive a free pre-cut belt to help you get started.

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Buyer's Guide to Understanding Biothane Webbing ebook

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Many people are hesitant to switch from traditional leather tack to biothane. Biothane has a very similar look and feel to leather, but far more benefits. We put together some information to help you make the decision. Download a Free copy of our "Buyer's Guide to Understanding Biothane Webbing".

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Need to see it before you buy it? The Profile Stax and Coating Stax are great for being able to see the variety of coatings and profiles that we offer.

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