Strap Starter Kits

Strap Starter Kits

Strap Warehouse is passionate about assisting aspiring people in taking up a new hobby or starting a small business. If you are ready to begin but have no idea what your first step should be, our Starter Kits are the perfect place to start.

Small Business Starter Kit

This kit is for people who are serious about making and selling collars and leashes. With two different colored rolls of BioThane, a punch set, and so much more, this kit contains everything you’ll need to get a small business started.

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Waist Belt Starter Kit

Our Waist Belt Starter Kit includes one roll of BioThane, six buckles and loops, a poly mallet, and everything else you need to get started making high-quality BioThane belts whether to sell or for your furry friends!

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Hobbyist Beginner Kit

If you just want to learn how to make collars and leashes at home for your animals or your friends' animals, this is the kit for you!

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