Waist Belt Starter Kit

$246.00 - $264.00
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The first 100 kits sold will include a free pre-cut belt.

Our Waist Belt Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started making high quality BioThane belts!

1.) Enough material to make your first six belts

2.) 25’ of Beta Leather Weight Belt Material
Choose between 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” width and select from four available colors. This material has been specially designed by BioThane for belt-making and features leather embossing on one side and sand embossing on the other.

3.) Six Belt Buckles and Loops
The kit includes three beautiful nickel-plated and three brass-plated belt buckles with matching loops.

4.) 18 Chicago Screws
Known for their strength, the kit includes nine nickel-plated and nine brass Chicago screws that match the buckles and loops.

5.) Six Beta Loops
Six loops made with 5/8” wide Beta in matching colors. Three have sand embossing and three have leather embossing and can be used in place of the nickel-plated and brass loops for an additional styling option.

6.) Marking Pencil
Made to mark on many surfaces, including BioThane! Use this pencil to mark where holes should be punched and ends should be cut.

7.) 8oz. Poly Mallet
Used with end punch and hole punch to cut ends and make holes. The perfect size mallet for these hand tools!

8.) #1529 Cutting Block
Protect your punches and end punches with this 1/2” x 2-1/2” x 4” Cutting Block. It helps keep your tools sharper longer, making it the ideal surface to punch into.

9.) #976 Punch Handle and #12 Punch
Your kit includes both of these top items. The #12 Punch is the perfect size for holes from Chicago Screws and adjustment holes.

10.) Round End Punch and #970 Punch Handle for End Punches
Use these items to cut the end of your straps for an even, round, clean cut on your belts.

11.) Hang Tags
Each kit includes a pack hang tags for you to include your company name and phone number. These tags also describe BioThane and the benefits of using it.

12.) Belt Template
The Belt Template will show you where to punch your holes and get the belt blanks made right the first time. This is one of the most useful items in your kit!

*Items in the kit may be changed or substituted without notice.

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