Granite 230 High Flex BioThane® - Clearance Sale

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Inventory Clearance Sale!

3/4" Granite High Flex. This inventory reduction sale is only while supplies last.

100' Rolls only.

Current Stock:

  • Pink 231 - Sold Out!
  • Blue 23C - Sold Out!
  • Black 231 - Sold Out!
  • Orange 235 - 475'
  • Green 234 - Sold Out!
  • Red 238 - Sold Out!

No back orders will be available. No returns on these clearance items.


Granite has a hardness and flexibility that is similar to the Gold coating. It comes in two finishes 230 No-Gloss and 280 Semi-Gloss. It is offered in sand embossed, two grooved and beaded profiles. This is the same material as the Gold but with a semi-gloss coating. Granite is a good choice for harness, belts and making dog collars.

This page offers 3/4” Granite 230 High Flex (HF 0.080" thick) in colors.

Looking for a way to Rivet and Punch your BioThane? Try the Handyman Press. BioThane® is America's best choice for the production of strap goods.

Returned items will be subject to a restocking fee of 35% for rolls less than 100' and 15% for all others.