3/4" Camouflage Gold High Flex BioThane® - Clearance (Limited Quantity)

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Inventory Reduction Sale!

3/4" Gold High Flex Camo. This inventory reduction sale is only while supplies last. 

100' Rolls only.

Current Stock:
Orange Pointer - 1,000'
Ducks - 900'
Tick Hound - 1,100'
Brown Hound - 600'
Pink Beagle - 1,600'
Deer - 400'

No back orders will be available.


Camouflage BioThane is created through a process called sublimation. The webbing is sublimated, or printed on, first and then a clear Gold coating is applied.

This page offers 3/4" Gold Camouflage High Flex (HF 0.080" thick) in multiple camouflage colors.

Looking for a way to Rivet and Punch your BioThane? Try the Handyman Press.

Returned items will be subject to a restocking fee of 35% for rolls less than 100' and 15% for all others.